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COSCO Container Lines Americas, Inc
The national flag carrier of the People's Republic of China, is one of the world's premier full service intermodal carriers.  The company utilizes a vast network of ocean vessels, barges, railroad and motor carriers to link the international shipper with the consignee.
Founded in 1961, COSCO has consistently been the world's fastest growing shipping company over the past decade and is now one of the largest container operators in the world.  The company's core international shipping business is divided between Chinese imports/exports and cross trade cargos.
Additional services offered include shipping agency services, freight forwarding, terminals and warehousing, intermodal services, insurance, real estate, as well as ship repair and manning.
COSCO Container Lines, headquartered in Shanghai.  COSCON's operations are managed by regional offices in New York, Hamburg, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Dubai, Johannesburg and Beijing.  85 representative offices are maintained in 49 countries around the world, while operational agencies are located in 1000 cities in 160 countries.
Bigger Faster Ships  COSCO continues to make major investments in its equipment.  New, larger ships have greatly increased COSCO's capabilities.
Included is the addition of five 5,250 TEU vessels with expanded refrigerated capacity for 1,000 plugs per vessel.  Currently the company owns and operates a fleet of more than 117 container ships for a total capacity of 256,171 TEU.  Capacity owned and leased containers total nearly 535,000 TEU.  Included in this total are 191,687 - 40 foot containers and 22,862 temperature controlled units.  Cargo handling capabilities include 20 ft. and 40 ft. dry containers, refrigerated containers, flat-racks, open tops, high cube and other specialized equipment.
Quicker, More Efficient Shipping Than Any Other Carrier In addition to the improvements in equipment, recent scheduling additions and revisions have resulted in significantly faster transit times for COSCO's customers... as much as 10% faster than just a year ago.  COSCO's 20 Main Line Services connect over 1000 ports worldwide to reach more direct ports of call than any other carrier in the world.  COSCO's knowledge of China is unmatched by any other carrier.  In particular, COSCO offers invaluable expertise of the rail, truck and feeder services.  Especially important for shipments that are bound for or being shipped from the nation's interior.
Backed by the company's outstanding track record, COSCO remains committed to outstanding service and dynamic, consistent growth.  The company's young management team in the North American headquarters look forward to a very bright future for both COSCO and their customers.