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China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd is a specialized corporation affiliated to China Shipping (Group) Company, involved in container liner services and other relative services as well. Established in Shanghai in 1997, CSCL were respectively listed on Hong Kong stock Exchange in 2004, and on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2007(stock code: HK2866 601866).  

As at September 2012, CSCL has a young and modern fleet that comprises over 150 vessels with a total operating capacity of 600000TEU, ranking among the world's top 10 liner companies. More than 80 domestic and international services cover more than 100 countries around the world. In recent years, CSCL successfully built a series of best-service and the company is becoming more competitive. More than 300 international agencies of CSCL provide qualified service to client. CSCL, which owns China Shipping Terminal, PuHai Shipping, and other dozens of companies, with the resource of fleet, terminals, truck, warehousing, rail, air and etc., operating the sea-rail transport, sea-air transport, and other modes of transport, successfully produce a complete integrated shipping logistics industry chain, and supply the "door – to – door" service to the global customers.

    The first-class fleet, high technology and good management will surely lead CSCL to a bright future and being one of leading carriers in the shipping industry.





To collect market information, make regular report, and provide advice for company's development.
To be responsible for integrative management.
To promote outward cooperation.
To collect market rate data, make contribution analysis on terms.
To help customer solve problems.
To arrange freight cooperation with VIP customer.
To organize and manage FOB cargo.



Marketing DIV I takes charge of import & export tallying operation, service design, freight adjustment and agreement signing for European service, Mediterranean service and African service:

Responsible for freight adjustment, contract negotiation and signing; electronic book input and order checking system maintenance and supervision of relevant agency for governing service.
Responsible for freight bulletining for governing services, additional duty setting for port of calls, additional duty for inland ports, setting, publicity and registry of additional duty for temporary port calls.
Europe Lines          

Tel:0086-21-6596 6179   Fax:0086-21-6596 7595

Mediterranean Lines 

Tel:0086-21-6596 6762   Fax:0086-21-6596 7595

Africa Lines           

Tel:0086-21-6596 6147   Fax:0086-21-6596 7595


Marketing DIV II takes charge of marketing, service design, freight management, stowage development, client after-service and other research on development strategy for American shipping market (Extra-Pacific/extra-Atlantic service, Canada, Central and South America).

Responsible for signing of service contract maintenance agreement and freight agreement with American consignee, charter association and bareboat carrier.
Responsible for economical benefit demonstration and profit and loss analysis for American service and address market report.
Responsible for freight bulletining for American services, additional duty setting for port of calls, additional duty for inland ports, setting, publicity and registry of additional duty for temporary port calls.
Responsible for affairs concerned with Federal Maritime Commission.
Pacific Ocean Lines   

Tel:0086-21-6596/6124        Fax:0086-21-6596 6329

Atlantic Ocean Lines   

Tel:0086-21-6596 6437    Fax:0086-21-6596 6329

Canada/South America Lines 

Tel: 0086-21-6596 6186   Fax:0086-21-6596 6329