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"MAXICON" is one of the leading NVOCCs in SOUTH EAST ASIA and INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT with active presence in Middle East and Upper Gulf.

MAXICON is one of the largest container carrier from India to Bangladesh, ranks in the top three "SOC" players in Chennai Port and sole operator of containers in the port of Paradip, India.

"MAXICON” was a dream, dreamt with eyes wide open, by ordinary Maxiconians, to set extraordinary standards in the industry of Containers. The dreams were interwoven with the fabrics of integrity, honesty, simplicity, & innovation. The journey of nine years has produced an inventory of 13,000 containers and number of chartered vessels. The dream is being perused to produce extraordinary results.

Dream: To be the biggest shipping line in the region.

Values: Integrity + Honesty + Simplicity + Innovation to name a few.

On our road of extraordinary growth, our values give us the impetus to carry on against all odds. We are truthful and honest in all our dealings with all our customers, vendors, and associates. Our promise of "never to compromise on our core values" has enabled us to achieve our goals.

Registered in Singapore, MAXICON serves over 60 locations across Asia - China on the Far East & north and Iraq on the far west. Maxicon rides on the success of India, the prosperity of China, the Petro dollar economies of the Persian Gulf, the emerging strengths of South Asian countries, the inherent talents & simplicities in the people of Bangladesh, the precious produce of the people of Myanmar, the centrality of Sri Lanka and the emerging trade bridge of Pakistan with India. We aim to share our prosperity in the regions we operate through our honest and quality customer service.