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macsMACS Maritime Carrier GmbH & Co was founded in 1970 by Felix Scheder-Bieschin Senior and is today involved in Shipping and Transport activities world-wide. The main activity of MACS is the Multipurpose Liner Service between the United Kingdom/Europe and Southern Africa which commenced in 1979. In 1983 MACS incorporated the service of a competitor, AESL, owned by Steenkool & Handelsvereeniging (SHV) of Rotterdam. The integration of AESL into the MACS service substantially increased the lines' capacity in terms of vessels and containers.


libraWe render maritime transport services of cargos in container ships and we serve all the main ports in Brazil and South America carrying cargos through several routes and the main ones are:

East Coast of South America to the West Coast of South America (Conosur),
East Coast of South America to East Coast of the United States (Usatlan),
East Coast of South America to Gulf of Mexico (Usgulf),
East Coast of South America to the Mediterranean (Sirius),


Since it's establishment in 1954, KMTC is the leading Korean marine transportation company. With more than a half century of full liner service logistics knowledge, KMTC is continuously providing top quality services and is steadily building it's vessel fleets to enlarge it's service boundries to fully satisfy customer's needs.

Kestrel Liner

keltrelOn the eve of Kestrel Miami’s 10th year anniversary, the company has relocated its flagship Miami office to brand new premises.
The two story building was designed with a modern euro style accommodating the worldwide, sales, operations and accounting  to serve  the network of over 100 ports around the globe and North America. The company’s regional focus remains on the Caribbean Basin while it has  rapidly expanded in recent years growing its cross trade and gateway  activities.


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